2019 Year In Review

There is nothing like the self-imposed torture of the year in review. Each year I struggle with whether to do one or not and under what parameters I should choose the images. Should it be the very best work? Should it be just personally significant ones? Do I include paid work vs. only personal? Should I include descriptions of the images, or just leave them as-is for the viewer to ponder? What if one shoot has multitudes of images I love – should I restrict the number of photos that make it into the post from one particular day? Do I put them in order by date, or mix it up? Do I include images of people I’ve had a conflict with? The list of questions that swirl in my brain each year is endless, and each year I tend to do something different.

I decided on 100 as my number. I tried to show no more than 5 images per any single shoot. There are some images that I included that were significant to me because of a moment. Some of the images I know are not going to win the prize at the Del Mar Fair, but if I liked it – I included it. The images are not in order by date or ranked in any way. They are records of what I see, who I love, scenes that inspired me, and generally and what I found beautiful. It’s easy to second guess myself on what to include or not include, but I’m just going to let it stand.

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