So you're the sort of person that clicks on the about page link? I get it - I'm that person too. Even though I know how next to impossible it is to write a blurb about yourself that doesn't sound incredibly lame. You're going to be disappointed if you're here for a fascinating story about how I fell into the art, or my deep purpose for creating. However, I am going to make a marginal attempt at telling you a tiny bit about myself.


I'm Josh. I currently reside in San Diego, and I'm a full-time portrait and commercial photographer. When I'm not shooting headshots, executive portraits, or branding work for companies I'm still a photographer. And all of the work I create for the sake of artistic fulfillment (yes, I just said that) needed a home. So one day I convinced my wife Melissa (who designs websites) to create a home on the internet for me to show off all of these other photos I create just for the sake of creation. She agreed, and here we are.


I'm a native Californian who has lived in a few other places (Chicago, Raleigh, Seattle, Chicago a second time, and Portland Oregon). I'm the sort of photographer who you'd be hard-pressed to catch without at least one camera on my person at any given time. I'd like to think I stay fairly humble about my photos, but I believe strongly in celebrating their creation. It takes a lot of energy to make things, and I believe you should always encourage yourself and others to create. Other words that begin with the letter C that I'm fond of are collaboration (all of my most memorable creations were collaborations), and communication (use your words they say). If you've made it to the end of this little blurb, thanks for taking the time to visit my site and view my art. If you have questions or want to explore that collaboration word - just head over to the far less awkward contact form and we can work on that communication word.

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