brand loyalty is dumb

there-is-no-dark-sidePhotographers are switching camera brands at a pretty much nonstop pace. I don’t have scientific data to back up that statement, but if one spends any time on any photography forums you’re going to encounter the inevitable huge gear sell off that comes with a brand switch. Regardless of whatever the individual is switching over to the comments will read as follows:

“Welcome to the dark side!”

“Welcome to team *insert camera brand*!”

“Nikon/Canon/Whatever is the BEST!”


There may be a few other variations, but that is the jist. Here’s a major newsflash – you’re not being sponsored. Your blind loyalty is just that, it’s blind. There is no dark side. Do writers get this worked up over pencils? Painters this worked up over paint brushes? I get that they are complicated pieces of equipment – they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Why do we need to be annoying brand fans?

People – they are tools. When you proclaim one is vastly superior to the other you just sound like a tool yourself.

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