Brittany Moreau

10 months ago I connected with Brittany on Facebook I think? I don’t know it’s been so long I can’t quite remember. The plan had always been to take photos of her – but because everything north of La Jolla might as well be LA to me in my mind, we never really made it happen. In retrospect I’m a little bummed that it didn’t – although I think I appreciate her more now being more focused on fashion stuff. Brittany is handy with car engines, her hair is massive and grows at an inhuman rate, and when she laughs she closes her eyes. Now that we’ve met we can be bfflz, which I am told is “best friends for life” although I’m not sure what the Z stands for. Hair and makeup by Cheriene.

Brittany Moreau model 01Brittany Moreau model 02Brittany Moreau model 03Brittany Moreau model 04Brittany Moreau model 05Brittany Moreau model 06Brittany Moreau model 07Brittany Moreau model 08Brittany Moreau model 09Brittany Moreau model 10Brittany Moreau model 11Brittany Moreau model 12Brittany Moreau model 13Brittany Moreau model 14Brittany Moreau model 15Brittany Moreau model 16Brittany Moreau model 17

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