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The Breezeway Quest

The campus of UCSD is some of the best modern architecture in San Diego, and I often will just randomly wander the campus capturing all of the lines and angles. Over the past couple of years, I’ve captured a lot of images I really love. There is no real purpose to it other than my...


SDSU isn’t quite an architectural wonder like UCSD is, but it’s still a pretty cool campus. We have been doing headshots for one of their departments for a while, but all of our assignments for them never really took us on much of a campus tour. Of course, when you’re pushing around my loaded gear...

UCSD Exploration

UCSD (especially for San Diego), is a particularly photogenic place. Obviously, since the pandemic hit there has been a big shift in my personal photography from model stuff to urban landscapes, architecture, and minimalism. I really want to get back to photographing people, but I have enjoyed stepping back from it for a bit. In...

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