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The Cara Knott Memorial

Melissa and I watch a lot of Forensic Files. Partly because it makes us feel like we’re on vacation and in a hotel room watching TV (because that’s about the only show that is ever on besides 22 channels of sportz), and partly to admire the comical backgrounds for their interviews. We recently watched an...

Astoria Oregon at Night

I somewhat insistently convinced Melissa and Cait to go on a night walk in Astoria with me. I imagine that coming with me on a night walk as a non-photographer would be pretty boring. I walk fast and abruptly stop in weird spots for varying amounts of time. The compromise was stopping at a bar....

The Breezeway Quest

The campus of UCSD is some of the best modern architecture in San Diego, and I often will just randomly wander the campus capturing all of the lines and angles. Over the past couple of years, I’ve captured a lot of images I really love. There is no real purpose to it other than my...

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