Channel plays the House of Blues

My friend Pete’s band Channel played the House of Blues a couple of weeks ago and I went to support him by photographing the performance. The one thing I’ve never quite understood about music venues is their attitudes towards photographers. The House of Blues sucks. There I said it. I checked the website, they didn’t mention any photography policies. So I show up, and there are 2 or 3 other people there with DSLRs taking photos. Cool. So I get ready to shoot the band, and before they go on one security goon approaches me. He tells me no “filming” but stills are okay. That’s fine, the MK3 has the capability for video of course, but I’ve never even turned it on. So Channel goes on and for a couple of songs I’m doing my thing. There is virtually no one there. Then a completely different goon comes up to me and says that no photos are allowed with professional cameras. I was about 200+ frames into this even when he tells me this. Yet the other security guard was fine with it. So I am there as a local artist, supporting local art, but for some reason photography isn’t sanctioned by the House of Blues. Well fuck you House of Blues. I guarantee you I won’t ever be back. Channel sounded good.


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