Disneyland 2023 Visits 4-11

Holy crap, we’ve been to Disneyland A LOT this year. We do have passes (just so this sounds slightly less obsessive). I’ve been struggling lately with finding motivation to get out and take photos of urban areas like I’d been prolific in during the pandemic times. It occurred to me that our frequent Disney trips have sort of replaced that for me, and I think it is to due to how safe and welcoming Disneyland is for photography and photographers. If one were to see a painter set up in the streets, painting a street scene – people would look on that artist with a pleasant fascination. When people see a photographer taking a photo of a street scene, the attitude is often “What the fuck is that person doing?” There is a common assumption that there is some nefarious reason for the photo. The assumption is never art. This isn’t to say I’ve given up on taking photos outside of Disney trips, just thinking out loud a little.

Anyhow, as we’ve been going a lot – I’ve been taking a lot of photos there, but I’ve also not wanted to turn my website into a Disneyland photography site – so I haven’t been posting that much. So here’s a catch up of some of my favorite images from all of the recent trips.

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