feel-prettyA very important thing to me in any shoot I do is being linkably credited. This is so that if someone does see one of the photos I’ve taken of you they can easily know who took the shot. In my experience in this business paid work can sometimes come from the most unlikely of sources, and the more exposure I get the better. Here are my preferred types of credit:

Facebook: please tag my personal profile in the description. “photo by @joshuamitchell” If you’ve never tagged a specific person on Facebook, just put the @ symbol before you start typing my name. Since we’re friends it should pop up fast. Also as a reminder if I post a photo of you, and then you use that photo as a profile it will erase anything in the description. Facebook is annoying like that, so please make an effort to get that credit in the description. It may not seem like a big deal, but it’s usually right when a photo is posted that it receives the most interest and “buzz.” People in general have short attention spans, so I appreciate it if you’re on top of the credits.

Instagram: similar to Facebook, “photo by @joshuacmitchell” (my Instagram is: @joshuacmitchell )

Twitter: also “photo by @joshuacmitchell”

Model Mayhem: 148642

Anywhere else online: please put a link to my website: https://joshmitchellphotography.com

Most models like to be credited as well. I’ll tag you in similar methods as I prefer to be tagged myself, provided I have the information. But please let me know what your preferences are. You never know where a future job may come from, so I like to make it easy for people to know who you are! If your shoot involved nudity of any sort my policy is specifically to not credit or mention you by name – unless you specifically want me to.

I want my images to look their very best when they are displayed. Typically where they tend to look their worst is on Facebook. Facebook is really particular about file sizes, and the most current information on recommended pixel lengths can be found here. If you need help or have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask – I’d rather help you out than have someone look at an image at it’s full potential. As a final reminder, please do not alter the images beyond cropping. This means no additional editing, and no Instagram filters. If you have a special request for any editing beyond what I’ve uploaded to your gallery just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

If this is stuff you already do or know to do or normally practice doing – thank you. I just want us both to be on the same page!

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