Mitchell Club is a quasi exclusive social group organized by the Mitchells. Basically we realized that there are a lot of people we’re connected to that we’d like to see on a more regular basis (people like you). In the past we’ve organized a networking group, and hosted world famous parties (Mitchellfest) These social events had a lot of rewards, but were also a lot of work. We wanted to create something that brought our crew together on a more regular basis – but was a lot easier to manage. Here are the rules:

1. Yep, the first rule of Mitchell Club is don’t talk about Mitchell Club. It’s not that we don’t want our outings to be successful, or meet new people. We’re selective on who we want to be included in the club, and we don’t want anyone to feel purposefully excluded – so we ask that Mitchell Club meetings not be broadcast everywhere.

2. You must fill out this form before you are considered a member.

3. There will never be a set date for Mitchell Club outings. Given that we want to make creating these events as easy as possible for ourselves, most events will take place on weekdays.

4. Unless stated otherwise, RSVPs are not necessary. We’d rather be surprised by your presence than disappointed by your absence.

5. Each event will have a Facebook Event page, but we will also send out an email and text message blast to anyone who has requested those means of notification. If we’re friends on Facebook, and you’re a MC member – you’ll automatically be on the list to be added to the Facebook invite. Email and text message notifications are voluntary. We’ll send the emails via BCC so you don’t ever get stuck in an annoying email chain. We ask that no one ever respond to the mass text messages. If you have questions about any event, please message myself or Melissa individually.

6. Events are considered self sufficient – meaning if there is anything to bring, or any cost associated with the event – you’ll always be responsible for yourself and whomever you bring. Unless otherwise stated, events will be considered adult only, and human only. If we ever have events that are kid or pet friendly we’ll make specific mention of it.

7. You may always bring one guest to an event, so long as they abide by the rules of Mitchell Club. If you would like to bring more than one person, please contact myself or Melissa first.

8. If an event has a specific start time (example: Torrey Pines Hike 5pm), you must be in the spot on time! Events that have open ended timelines (example: Coronado beach bonfire) will be marked as such. It might be a good idea to contact us if you plan on arriving closer to the ending than the beginning, but with events like those you are welcome to appear whenever you like.

    You may select one or all of these methods. We will notify members when a new event is created, and the day before the event happens. Please make sure even if you're pretty sure we have it, to put your number or email address in accurately!
  • If we're not friends on Facebook put your Facebook URL here so I can add you to the events!
  • Make sure you fill this out if you'd like to receive email updates of events. I may not already have your email address!
  • Make sure this is a number that can receive text messages!

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