Modern Love Oklahoma

You know how big a pain in the ass Lacy was about me taking her photo while I was in Oklahoma? Holy moly. Finally towards the end of my trip she started to come around to the idea of having some new head shots. Still complaining about having to do her hair and makeup, we eventually arrived to her new Modern Love Oklahoma studio to take her photo in the new space. For the record Shelby gave me no grief about more photos, she is pretty much a ham. These two. First Lacy is beautiful. She photographs so well. She’s a lot like Shelby in that respect. These photos of them individually make it obvious. Second: I need to talk about that day and this experience.

This was the last shoot on the 4th day. We were all tired. I don’t think we were tired of each other, but it was that point in a visit where you know that you have to get back to your regular life. And even though what we had been doing was fun, it was exhausting. There was that feeling of something you’d been looking forward to for awhile coming to an end. And while I knew this was the first of more trips we’d spend together, I was going to have to see their airport departure faces. You know that face you make when someone you love is leaving? Shelby didn’t get to go with us to my airport send off, so I got a preview of her airport face.

Still although it was a little bittersweet, I’m glad that I wrapped this trip photographing the two people that were so gracious in making my experience great. I had a fantastic time in Oklahoma. Even the skycap when I checked my bag at my departure in San Diego had said, “Oklahoma?” Not a statement, a question. I digress.

I photographed a lot of beautiful people while I was in Oklahoma on this trip, but I would have to say that the most beautiful thing I witnessed was Lacy and Shelby’s friendship. Their relationship is unique. It’s not easy to work with your best friend, there are all sorts of natural obstacles that come with that dynamic. But they make it work. They can be business, they can be silly, weird, supportive, and when it comes down to it – loving. In a nutshell they are sisters.

Photography – specifically portraiture, is a labor of love. To excel in it, you have to understand love. You have to understand emotion, and you have to let it in. Lacy and Shelby both often self criticize their lack of the technical side of photography. The truth is those skills while they are useful, amount to a job in a camera store. To be successful in truly being a photographer it comes down to mastering the intangible. Being human. Here are two humans that I love.

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