Near Yuma

When I was around eight years old my father left San Diego and moved to Yuma, Arizona. To be honest with the exception of passing through it heading east on Interstate 8, I knew nothing about Yuma. I knew nothing and I had no desire to learn anything about it. Now I’m a feeling curious about it. It’s really not very far from San Diego, so the other day on sort of a whim Melissa and I went out that way. We didn’t exactly have a specific goal in mind, and ended up a bit outside of Yuma. First we visited the Castle Dome Mine. It was a bit too touristy for me but there were a couple of decent (I think) photos to emerge from it. So I’m trying not to be too regretful of the $15 admission charge. After the realizing the mine was not what I was really looking for in terms of photos, we ended up heading north on the 95 until we finally got clear of military land and found some cool spots.

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