Oklahoma Day 1 | Shelby

If we’re friends on Facebook you may remember a post I made about Shelby not so long ago. Probably easier to direct you there faithful reader than it is to rehash my Shelby history. I was in Oklahoma visiting Lacy and Shelby in early June. Mostly because I love them, but also to learn from them.

I think these photos of Shelby are beautiful, but I think Shelby is even more beautiful in person. Maybe it’s something I am always pushing towards – that is taking a photo of someone I care about that matches their beauty as a person. I don’t want to stop photographing Shelby until I have that photo. But even then I probably won’t want to stop.

Shelby 01Shelby 02Shelby 03Shelby 04Shelby 05Shelby 06Shelby 07Shelby 08Shelby 09Shelby 10Shelby 11Shelby 12Shelby 13Shelby 14Shelby 15Shelby 16

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