I send a link out to this page to anyone I shoot with, some of this will seem like no brainer information, and you may have a lot of experience as a model already. I do however shoot with a lot of people who have never been photographed before, and even if you have this may be some good general information for you.

  • Communicate! If we haven’t exchanged cell numbers yet, please send me a text to (206) 240-0062. Yes, I used to live in Seattle. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late to wherever we’ve agreed on for our meeting spot, please text me and let me know!
  • Feet! Most of my urban shoots involve a lot of walking around. If heels are part of your outfit please bring sandals or shoes you can easily slip in and out of so you don’t destroy your feet. Also if I haven’t already communicated it – I’m not a fan of any shoe that has a platform on it. Odds are you’ll be taller than me barefoot (I’m 5’8″), so with the exception of the occasional wide angle and full body shot, for the most part I want you as close to my eye level as possible. What I do love is a classic black stiletto heel – it goes with everything.
  • Sherpa! Please have all of your outfit changes in a tote bag, or something easily carried. Let me know if anything needs to be on a hanger ahead of time – since we’ll be on foot we may need to make special arrangements. In urban locations I may have an assistant with me to help carry, but often times it will just be the two of us, and I’ll be carrying my camera gear (which is usually heavier than clothes… usually).
  • Touch-ups! Bring lip touch ups and a small mirror. If you are wearing false eyelashes, you may want to bring the eyelash glue with you – eyelashes have popped up on models at past shoots and they are a PAIN to retouch.
  • Hair! If your hair is fine and prone to fly aways a brush isn’t a bad idea. If we’re planning on doing different looks for your hair you may need bobby pins or a hair tie. I sometimes have hair ties with me, but it’s not guaranteed. Please don’t wear the hair tie on your wrist!
  • Salmon! You probably call it the color coral, I call it salmon. It’s the popular red/orange color and it is a PAIN to edit. I hate it. Loathe it. It makes life difficult. Please avoid it in any shape or form for our shoot!
  • Security! Escorts. I get it, photographers can be creepy as hell. I’ve been in business professionally for a long time, I’m married, and I have a deep respect for women. I am a bigger feminist than some women I know. However if we’ve never met you may not know all of that, so I respect your desire to have an escort present on our first shoot. I have a few requirements of my own for that: 1] Your escort cannot be your significant other. Jealous boyfriends creep me out. I’ve had a few experiences with overly controlling boyfriends ruining the mood of a shoot and inhibiting how relaxed my subject was. Your boyfriend/husband is probably the nicest guy ever – but this is my rule. 2] Parents. Yep, another inhibitor of subject relaxation is a parent. 3] People with suggestions. I get it – photo shoots are boring if you’re not being involved directly, and I’ll do my best to make your escort feel a part of the process, but I don’t need help with ideas. 🙂 4] Behind the scenes photos. Unless I specifically ask for them, people photographing you being photographed by me is super distracting to me. 5] Negative peeps. You know who they are – people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s hard enough to model, you need people who build you up, not tear you down. Also there is a good chance I will already have an assistant planned for our shoot, so just let me know if you’re planning on having an escort there as I may forego my assistant and make your escort the reflector person.
  • This looked great on the mannequin! I want you to look awesome, but in order to look awesome you need to feel awesome about your clothes. That means they need to fit. I know, this seems like a “no duh” sort of thing, but I can’t tell you how many people have shown up to shoots with outfits they have never tried on or that flat out do not fit them well.
  • Where do I change? If you’ve never modeled before you may be wondering where exactly you’ll be changing our clothes. Modeling in general is rough on the modest person. In urban locations you’ll likely be ducking into restrooms at whatever business we happen to be walking by. Sometimes it’s just a corner in an alleyway and we’ll hold up a reflector to try and shield you from anyone walking by. In outdoor shoots were we’re in a relatively fixed position I do make use of a pop up changing tent that’s pretty awesome. Unfortunately it folds down pretty large, so it’s not ideal to carry it around with us everywhere.
  • It’s not your job to take a good photo, it’s mine. I actually have gotten into arguments about this more than once with models, but I really believe that your job is to bring your courage and positive light to a shoot – and it’s up to me to mold that into a photo. Whether you agree with me or not, I have the utmost respect for my subjects. You’re artists too, and the courage it takes to let your guard down in front of a camera inspires me.

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