When Lacy told me we were shooting twins I admittedly was thinking to myself, “holy shit – how am I going to pose twins?” As it turns out Lacy had a storyboard for the entire shoot, and of all of the shoots I did while I was in Oklahoma this is the one where she impressed me the most. Why? Because she wasn’t anymore experienced in twin posing than I was, but she had a vision. So most of this awesomeness, is Lacy’s awesomeness. Lacy is fucking awesome even though I am sure she’d downplay that just as fast as a shark would take off your leg.

Anyhow Madison and Melinda are fraternal twins. I’m not sure if their bond is more a twin thing than it is a sister thing, but I have to say it was one of the more beautiful human connections I’ve photographed. They make you want to have a sister if you don’t have a sister. Or they make you want to have a sister you really get along with and are bonded to if your current sister sucks.

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