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When Beth first told me about her idea to do an all black and white shoot I was instantly on board. I had been wanting to do something like this for awhile. Beth had shown me an inspiration photo that was taken on a sand dune, and we decided that even though it was a...

MUAs: Cheriene Galley, Devan Weitzman Styling: Melissa Mitchell Models: Jasmine, Jenny, Megan, Nikki

Graceful like an ocelot. Of course truth be told I don’t really know if ocelots are the most graceful of cats, but Nikki does have some undeniable feline tendencies in the way she moves. Cheriene and I took her to Chicano Park, one of San Diego’s most colorful and dynamic places. It suited her well.

The garage roof. Most people look at a garage roof and just see it as a roof. Me, I see it as a place for portraits.

Apparently people have told Jasmine more than once that she looks like an alien. Pro tip guys – never tell a girl she looks like an alien. However the meaning behind that particular comment that I choose to extrapolate is the truth that Jasmine has a look that is almost otherworldly. If I were a...

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