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You know how big a pain in the ass Lacy was about me taking her photo while I was in Oklahoma? Holy moly. Finally towards the end of my trip she started to come around to the idea of having some new head shots. Still complaining about having to do her hair and makeup, we...

There is something about Jill. Her gaze, her poise. It’s special. People sometimes talk about a glow, or a spark in someone’s eyes. Jill has that.

Somehow wires got crossed with Orlynda and she made a complete tour of Oklahoma before arriving at the Norman studio to shoot with us on my last evening in there. How she was in a good mood after all of that I’m not sure, but she was a lot of fun to photograph. Big ups...

Model: Paige Sutton Styling: Lacy & Shelby Thanks to Mainsite Contemporary Art & Bill Williams for the generous use of your spaces.

If I had Lacy’s studio I would shoot in this front room 100% of the time. You can do a lot with simplicity, and I love these images of Marilyn just in the window light.

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