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Models: Jessica, Julianna, and Leah Hair & Makeup: Cheriene Styling: Melissa

Cross posted also the BAPR blog, but I wanted to put this up here too. MUA: Cheriene Galley

The other night I was up late in bed watching the original Battlestar Galactica when I got a message from Ali regarding a post of my latest highlights from BAPR II. She asked me what image from that post did I think she loved the most? I drew a blank, but when she eventually told...

Last year on the way to WPPI we noticed an interesting graffiti’d out structure as we were passing through what the maps told us was Newberry Springs. We made a mental note to check it out on the way back. On our return trip we were all pretty exhausted, but we decided to stop anyways....

Rebecka is beautiful and outstanding. Easy going and down to earth, she’ll be at future Badass Photo Retreats and if you’re a photographer you want to photograph her. Makeup by Cheriene.

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