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Last year on the way to WPPI we noticed an interesting graffiti’d out structure as we were passing through what the maps told us was Newberry Springs. We made a mental note to check it out on the way back. On our return trip we were all pretty exhausted, but we decided to stop anyways....

Rebecka is beautiful and outstanding. Easy going and down to earth, she’ll be at future Badass Photo Retreats and if you’re a photographer you want to photograph her. Makeup by Cheriene.

If you don’t already know the Badass Photo Retreat is a side project we started with Cheriene after a succession of styled shoots in the desert. It was too much fun to contain, and now we’re getting ready for BAPR II in Las Vegas just a few days before WPPI 2015 kicks off. The beauty...

MUAs: Cheriene Galley, Devan Weitzman Styling: Melissa Mitchell Models: Jasmine, Jenny, Megan, Nikki

Graceful like an ocelot. Of course truth be told I don’t really know if ocelots are the most graceful of cats, but Nikki does have some undeniable feline tendencies in the way she moves. Cheriene and I took her to Chicano Park, one of San Diego’s most colorful and dynamic places. It suited her well.

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