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I don’t photograph a ton of boudoir, but I do love the beauty and vulnerability of it. I also love photographing people in their own spaces. Something about it makes it all the more special. There is also something special about Becka. She has a glow and a spark in her spirit that is very unique...

There is something about Jill. Her gaze, her poise. It’s special. People sometimes talk about a glow, or a spark in someone’s eyes. Jill has that.

Somehow wires got crossed with Orlynda and she made a complete tour of Oklahoma before arriving at the Norman studio to shoot with us on my last evening in there. How she was in a good mood after all of that I’m not sure, but she was a lot of fun to photograph. Big ups...

If I had Lacy’s studio I would shoot in this front room 100% of the time. You can do a lot with simplicity, and I love these images of Marilyn just in the window light.

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