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A few days ago I was looking at the over grown weeds grass in our backyard at about 6:30pm, and all of sudden they no longer just looked like a fire hazard. A beautiful light came washing over them and I thought – “dang, I wish someone was sitting out there so I could take...

We got Megan for the day before the BAPR kicked off, so of course we needed to photograph her. I took her up on the garage roof to test out a variety of gear. A Photek Sunbuster, a huge ass reflector, but most importantly I got to borrow Lisa’s D810 for a few shots. The...

At our last party I did a few more portraits on the garage roof. Only I miscalculated the amount of available light I’d have and ended up having to bring in a speedlite to supplement. I’m not super awesome with flash work, but the Phottix Mitros+ and Odin transmitter makes life easier.

The garage roof. Most people look at a garage roof and just see it as a roof. Me, I see it as a place for portraits.

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