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Model: Alix Hair & Makeup Artist: Devan

Model: Caitlin Hair & Makeup: Devan

Model: Julz MUA: Devan   Awhile back I told Devan we were heading up to LA to meet a Canadian friend for dinner who happened to be in town. I decided to make a thing of it and try and do a shoot while we were up. Devan had a few different options of people...

I’m trying to not think to hard about my editing queue these days, it keeps growing. It’s a little daunting, but what I have in there is a lot of good stuff which is exciting. I’ve had more shoots than I’ve had time to edit, and I think it’s catching up to me a little....

Devan is a relatively new friend in my life, a super talented makeup artist living inWest Hollywood who helped us out with BAPR 1. Since that time we’ve done a couple of shoots together and are aiming to do more. I usually attempt to get a good photo of all of my friends, at the...

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