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Model: Kira Hair & Makeup: Devan Lighting: Morgan Logistics & Lighting: Melissa

On my off days I take photos. One of the things I love most about the EM5 is how quickly I can edit images from it. Most of these images were taken on aperture priority, which is how I think I’ll probably be shooting it from now on. While the meter like most camera meters...

In part two of our LA Adventure Morgan and I connected with Daria, a local model. She was awesome, upbeat, energetic, and up for anything.

I keep coming back to it – but I can’t say enough how important I think it is for a photographer to have a camera with them at all times. I’ve been super happy with the Olympus OM-D E-M5. While the files it produces aren’t as fantastic as the Nikon D750 I use for the...

Last year at WPPI we really never got around to any non-structured impromptu shoots, everything was super planned out and went down during actual WPPI days. This year we made it a point to schedule all of the styled shoots before the main days of WPPI so they wouldn’t interfere. We also got a group...

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