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Model: Nikki Lighting Assistant: Melissa

Model: Kia Lighting Assists: Don & Nikki Shout out: George’s Camera for that Icelight rental

I recently posted on Instagram a little blurb about Nikki’s personality, which is a multi dimensional wonderful thing. Specifically I made a statement about how throughout this last trip her one word proclamations of love for a particular thing became a regular part of our days. I don’t think she actually exclaimed, “Bunny!” in this...

Cross posted also the BAPR blog, but I wanted to put this up here too. MUA: Cheriene Galley

Baker is a town that doesn’t even have a field attached to it. It’s basically a place to stop and use a questionably hygienic bathroom and purchase a ridiculous overpriced blizzard at the DQ. Seriously I think we blew our entire Vegas budget on these things. How can Reno and Nikki look so pretty in the...

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