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Portland, Oregon. 01/04/10. Take note this was back in the days when I was extremely uneducated about the dangers of taking photos near train tracks. Although I was well out of the path of any train taking these, I would do things differently if I were to have the opportunity to photograph any of these...

Model: Charlene Lighting Assistance: John

I don’t photograph a ton of boudoir, but I do love the beauty and vulnerability of it. I also love photographing people in their own spaces. Something about it makes it all the more special. There is also something special about Becka. She has a glow and a spark in her spirit that is very unique...

Sometimes you have to adapt. Melissa and I were all set to do a shoot with a local model who backed out at the last minute. For me personally when I have a shoot I’m really looking forward to it feels kind of unsettling when I have a cancellation and I don’t get to create...

Chelsea. She’s just awesome. MUA: Cheriene

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