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Once I exited the kid years the benefits of recognizing the fact that I’m aging at an alarming rate diminished quite a bit. And that’s not to say that I don’t have enough stuff or I don’t tend to wind up owning the things I ultimately want, but the actual benefits of a birthday celebration...

Jasmine had three looks to her yoga shoot, and while I can’t really show you the last look we did her second one was stunning. We relocated from our spot in the ruins to a location in the southern part of Anza Borrego. Thanks again to Devan for her awesome work on this shoot!

Earlier in January my friend Kelsie was in San Diego for a visit. I wanted to take her up to the garage roof for a portrait, but I quickly realized that Kelsie’s glorious abundance of freckles seemed to disappear in the backlight of the sun. Before I moved her down to a new portrait spot...

Earlier this month I teamed up with one of our beloved BAPR models, Jasmine, my friend and fellow photographer Lisa, and our makeup artist Devan to document Jasmine’s yoga practice and take portraits. We shot in two different locations, the first being the ruins of a building west of San Diego. I’m not sure exactly...

I definitely don’t want to live in Los Angeles, but it sure is fun to get up there for photos. I teamed up with Devan Weitzman and hit the streets of West Hollywood with Anukuare. These are the results.

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