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At our last party I did a few more portraits on the garage roof. Only I miscalculated the amount of available light I’d have and ended up having to bring in a speedlite to supplement. I’m not super awesome with flash work, but the Phottix Mitros+ and Odin transmitter makes life easier.

Graceful like an ocelot. Of course truth be told I don’t really know if ocelots are the most graceful of cats, but Nikki does have some undeniable feline tendencies in the way she moves. Cheriene and I took her to Chicano Park, one of San Diego’s most colorful and dynamic places. It suited her well.

The garage roof. Most people look at a garage roof and just see it as a roof. Me, I see it as a place for portraits.

Apparently people have told Jasmine more than once that she looks like an alien. Pro tip guys – never tell a girl she looks like an alien. However the meaning behind that particular comment that I choose to extrapolate is the truth that Jasmine has a look that is almost otherworldly. If I were a...

Megan is a beautiful mess. Long and wild like her hair, a yin and yang of grace and awkward. When she’s with her friends she’s nonstop chatter, giggles, inside jokes, and literal uses of “literally” pepper her speech. Alone she’s quiet and soft spoken. She has a wall built up around her, but inside she’s...

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