Testing the D750 | Jasmine

Ever had a friend who was a lot like you – but only when it came to your good traits? That’s who Jasmine is for me. The sensitive observationalist who sees the world in abstract, yet deliberate moments. She is the perfect amount of positivity. Seeing the light of the world before the dark, but grounded enough that her opinions and suggestions always bear legitimate weight with me. I tell her she is my favorite photographer to photograph, simply because her movements are natural and feel unrehearsed. She says it’s because she makes mental notes of photographs she has taken herself – an internal diary of body poses and expressions that lend to good portraits. And of course her work should also be mentioned. What I can say of Jasmine’s photos are that she always makes the feeling of, “I wish I had thought of that” wash over me when I see them. The genius of it is that thinking of it isn’t unattainable, you just need to observe more. Observe better. The things I am good at, Jasmine is great at.

Oh and the D750 works.

Jasmine Fitzwilliam 01Jasmine Fitzwilliam 02Jasmine Fitzwilliam 03Jasmine Fitzwilliam 04Jasmine Fitzwilliam 05Jasmine Fitzwilliam 06Jasmine Fitzwilliam 07Jasmine Fitzwilliam 08Jasmine Fitzwilliam 09Jasmine Fitzwilliam 10Jasmine Fitzwilliam 11Jasmine Fitzwilliam 12Jasmine Fitzwilliam 13Jasmine Fitzwilliam 14Jasmine Fitzwilliam 15Jasmine Fitzwilliam 16Jasmine Fitzwilliam 17Jasmine Fitzwilliam 18Jasmine Fitzwilliam 19Jasmine Fitzwilliam 20Jasmine Fitzwilliam 21Jasmine Fitzwilliam 22Jasmine Fitzwilliam 23

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