The Light of her Soul

Maybe it’s not solar energy reflecting gold on her skin. Maybe it’s the light of her soul that’s catching the sun on fire.

This is the third look of a shoot we did in January in Anza Borrego. The other two posts are here and here. Devan Weitzman was the hair and makeup artist.

As a probably not so brief aside: Jasmine is important to me. She is one of a few handful of people I’ve met through the weirdness that is Model Mayhem (a usually creepy, but surprisingly active website that connects photography creatives) that have become true friends to me. As with any model it was Jasmine’s look (distinctive, even other worldly) that initially drew me to her. I had seen a photo taken of her by the other important Jasmine in my life that always made me pause when I saw it. One night while sifting through the good and the bad on MM I came across her profile. Obviously Peter Jackson’s talent scouts failed in not casting her as an amazing elf sorceress in Lord of the Rings – it’s not to say that she doesn’t look human, just a little more evolved. Ethereal is one of those words that especially in creative portraiture gets thrown around way too often, but in the case of Jasmine it’s really the most accurate. So of course I’m looking at these photos thinking I need to photograph this girl. Somehow this lead to us being Facebook friends. Then after some sporadic communication there finally was a photo shoot in the summer of 2014 (featuring a twerk off). Then there were photo retreats, and then there was this shoot.

If you don’t know Jasmine you might just see her pretty yoga body just covered in glitter. If you do know Jasmine you’ll see a lot more. She’s the sort of person that will have anyone believing in auras and radiance. She has an enlightened and soothing energy to her spirit. Like everyone she’s a work in progress and not perfect – but there is something magical about this person and I’m lucky to know her.

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